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Thanks to our environmentally friendly approached and our hands-on cleaning method we can guarantee: 

  1. No acid or hard chemicals will ever be utilized to clean the HVAC system. 

  2.  The HVAC system will not be disconnected.  

  • The HVAC system will only be turned off from the thermostat. 

  • The coil will not be disconnected or removed –The HVAC system will not be disconnected and removed to wash away the toxin agent used to clean or disinfect the coil fins. 

  • No water waste -About 30 gallons of water is usually used to wash away toxic cleaning agent.


This process GUARANTEES no interruptions or mechanical failures to the central A/C system once the duct cleaning is finalized. 



Eco Air Duct Cleaning Inc lives up to its cultural influences and we do our best to meet our client's expectations, while we earn their trust. We do this by offering the best quality service from beginning to end. 


  • Free estimates – We come to your home and evaluate the HVAC system. 

  • The entire cleaning process is documented with before and after pictures and videos. 

  • Biodegradable and organic cleaning products. 

  • Taxes and materials are included in the estimate. 

  • All new clients receive 10% off. 

  • All return Clients receive 15% off. 

  • ADDITIONAL COST -Dryer Vent cleaning. 


According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Data Center, nearly 15,000 structural fires occur each year because of a clogged dryer. A dirty dryer vents causes up to 80% of those fires. 

Here are 4 important reasons why you should have your dryer vent cleaned: 

  1. Prevent Fire –Obstructed dryer vents are the main source of hundreds of houses fires every year. The best way to prevent house fires from starting in or around your dryer is to have your local duct cleaning company service your dryer vents and or ductwork. 

  2. Save Time –As your dryer vent becomes clogged, drying time gradually increases. You can reclaim the time lost by having your dryer vent cleaned. 

  3. Increase Efficiency –If you have to spend extra time on repeating cycles to dry the clothes, then you are also spending extra money on utilities. By having a dryer vent clean you will shorten the drying time. You will use less power, save your clothes from excessive damage and safe money on buying new clothing.  

  4. Extended or extra cycles also means extra tear and wear on your clothes. your clothes will be subject to more wear and weathering. Our thorough and professional dryer vent cleaning service leaves you with a safer, more effective, and more efficient dryer! 


Warning signs that it’s time to clean your vent 

  • Clothes are taking much longer to dry. It will often take two to three cycles for clothes to dry. 

  • Clothes have a strange, burning smell. This could be a sign that your dryer vent is not properly able to ventilate the warm air out of the appliance. 

  • The laundry room feels excessively hot when the dryer is running. This could be a result of a clogged vent that isn’t letting hot air escape.



According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are nearly 3,000 clothes dryers’ related fires, reported each year, with an estimated 5 deaths and 100 injuries reported annually. 

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